22 dezembro, 2011

Old Shop Improvement's On?

Couple days ago I went to a old fashioned clothes shop in my hometown - Sines, with my mum, and the more I saw, the more I thought that the clothes are pretty amazing, but that shop is such a mess! The showcase's a HUGE mess, we look and think wtf?!, believe me, you would never imagine the awesomeness somewhere in those piles. So today I went there again and proposed the owners a whole new perspective (changing the display, the showcase, etc). They got really excited and agreed immediately.
I started searching about composing a showcase, and organizing the shop stuff and already have lots of information, hope it'll be a great work. Also wanted to ask if you have any ideas or recommendations, links, etc, I'd be very grateful. The problem is that I don't have a budget, I just can't spend any money at all, which make things difficult, but I'm counting on a great result!

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