10 dezembro, 2011

Cheap Christmas Shopping

We all know the world is in a deep crisis, and with Christmas coming, we have to search for cheaper original, fashion and trendy presents. Here are some suggestions till 20€ max. price, that I also would like to have for my own, who knows, consider it as one more wish list. Ahahaha. Just kidding. But no, I'd really love to receive this goodies if they were for me! 

Aldo shoes can be found here - 15€ (huge sale!)

Lanidor bracelet can be found here - 12,90€

Lanidor necklace can be found here - 14,90€

Acessorize opp fingerless gloves can be found here - 12,50€

H&M blouse can be found here - 9,90€
ZARA sunglasses can be found here - 17,95€

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