04 dezembro, 2011

Bored Journaling

Have you ever heard "too bored to do nothing, too lazy do do anything"? Well, that's how I feel today... Just wanna be lied in bed, sleeping all day! But, I had to get up, and with nothing to do, switched the tv on, changed channel to FashionTV and guess what? Victoria's Secret new show's on! I got so excited, you really have to see it. I don't know exactly where it is online, but want an advice? Check out the previews and all that stuff, is worth.
By the way, today I just wanna write, like if this was a journal. Do you guys have ideas so I can improve my blog? I'm thinking of a new visual, I really don't know what I have in mind, but I'd like to change it, give it a new and fresh look.
Now, lets completely change the subject. How's it going with your christmas wishlist? Mine's growing every single day! Bigger and bigger! Of course Santa will not me offer all that stuff, but I hope he has good taste and bring me the cutest things.
Wish you a very nice day, hopefully happier than mine.


Cláudia Santos

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